Here at Forging Roots, we vow to upcycle as many of our raw materials as possible. Upcycling — defined as the creative reuse of unwanted, otherwise useless materials — is neither a cost-saver nor a short-cut. Rather it is an intentional choice that requires thought, effort and creativity.

So why do it? Here are the top 5 reasons why we upcycle:

  1. The environment.

    Upcycling is an active way to shrink our global footprint, protect our planet’s wild places and curb the impacts of climate change. We work to keep things out of landfills by reusing as much material as possible and consciously sourcing products. After all, there is no “Planet B.”

  2. Social change.

    Upcycling has the potential to shift people’s perceptions of trash and to challenge people to look critically at our society’s foundation of consumption. Our economy and our way of life revolve around and perpetuate the assumption that you constantly need newer, better, faster things. But what if it were different?

  3. Creativity.

    Mixing and matching materials to make something beautiful requires creativity, patience and problem solving. There is no blank canvas, ready and willing to reflect an artist’s imagination. Rather, the materials are part of the conversation; their shapes, coloring and contours must be considered.

  4. One of a kind.

    With upcycled materials, each finished product is 100% unique. There is no simple, cookie-cutter formula to mass produce pieces. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind — a special little snowflake that won’t melt in your hand.

  5. Accessibility.

    While labor costs on upcycled materials are high, material costs are low; that helps keep prices reasonable so that nearly anyone can afford to have something beautiful, cheerful and locally-sourced in their homes.